Palm Springs, Cal Patio Enclosures

Our preferred Palm Springs, CA contractors Build Patio Enclosures that last…

Do you have an existing patio roof structure that you would like to enclose? Now you can turn that wasted space into living space by adding one of our wall systems. Your patio can now become an office, workout room or simply a nice place to retreat away from the elements.

A Palm Springs, Ca patio enclosure is the perfect solution for added living area to your home. These enclosures make excellent pet rooms, dining areas, spa rooms, workout rooms, kids rooms, game rooms, smoking rooms, and more. These patio enclosures are sometimes called “Florida Rooms, Arizona Rooms, Greenhouses, Solariums, and glass rooms”.   Our preferred Palm Springs, California builders do All glass walls, and insulated rooms.

Our vinyl composite construction, that is used is the Omega series. These wall systems offer the benefits of a sunroom and can easily be installed under your existing structure. You have plenty of wall options to pick from, including fully glass walls and insulated walls.

Our products are manufactured using the highest grade of vinyl (Omega series) composite construction. Not only is this Vinyl among one of the most energy efficient building materials, which means the vinyl room will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. And will never crack, warp, peel, rot, rust, burn, or attract termites.

Having a sunrooms can really add value, beauty, and functionality that will transform the way you use your home. If you’re ready to get started with the help of our Palm Springs, California preferred experts, you can give us a call to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.

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