Perris, Cal Custom Pool Enclosure

Are you looking for a way You don’t have to wait for summer just to enjoy one of the best features of your house. Perris, Cal have a lot of great things to offer, you bought a house with a pool or added one yourself, because you love the thought of waking up and going for a swim or having the kids come and play any time. Don’t let the weather outside keep you from enjoying your pool to the fullest!

Our Custom Pool Enclosure Offer:

  • Year-round enjoyment of your pool
  • A temperature-controlled environment, with heating and cooling
  • Protection from cancer-causing UV rays
  • A way to keep out pests, animals, dirt and rain

Unlimited Design Options to Match Your Home and Tastes

All of Perris, Cal Sunroom Designs pool enclosures are custom built to look and feel like they were always supposed to be there, while giving you the flexibility to enjoy your pool your way!

  • Gable roofs that work with the architectural design of your home.
  • Glass roofs and skylights
  • Siding and outside finishes that perfectly match the look of your house.
  • Leading thermal insulation technology in the walls, floors and windows, to keep your heating and cooling costs low.
  • Seamless interior finishes that are indistinguishable to your guests.
  • Electric wiring, custom floor tiling, heating, cooling, more options available!


Give Perris, California Sunrooms and Patio room Pros a call today to set up your free, no obligation consultation with one of our preferred contractors.


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